History, Geography, and Genealogy - Tracing the Boundaries


Date and Time: Wednesday 23 May 2018, 7:00 pm EST
Language: English
Description: Historical events and boundary changes through the centuries influence our research and define the
repositories we use. Researching in the Gaspé Basin and the Gaspé Peninsula requires intense knowledge
on these subjects in order to be efficient and reach our goals. There is more to it than we initially assume.
Presenter: Sandra Blanchette
At the request of the presenter this webinar was not recorded.

Annual Meeting of Members

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Date and Time: Thursday 19 April 2018, 7:00 pm EST
Language: English
Description: This is the first Annual Meeting of members for the Québec Genealogical eSociety. All members are invited.
Presenter: Michael Laekas
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